What is Subleasing

Sometimes, life circumstances require you to move out of your apartment before the end of your lease. You may be moving out of state for a new job, relocating from your college town or even looking to get a feel of a different neighborhood for a short time period before committing. Regardless of the situation, subleasing can help you save money while meeting the requirements of your lease.


Subleasing is when a resident rents their room or apartment out to someone else for a period of the lease.

While the lease is still under the original tenant’s name, the new tenant, also known as the sublessee, is responsible for paying an agreed upon amount of rent to the resident and taking care of the property.

Many people consider subleasing an apartment if they are planning on being gone for a short period of time. Others want to completely move out of their apartment before their lease is up, so they decide to sublet the space. Whether you are looking to move out completely or just for the time being, subleasing is an option to consider.

If you are interested in subleasing your apartment, we have some resources available to walk you through it: https://u-towers.com/subleasing-info/