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The food meals for pvp is balancing in runescape

I like that idea. They could introduce ways to enhance a fire you've made so that it can cook exceptional versions of your food which could heal more or impart some tiny secondary impact (faster run recharge or buffed hp recover OSRS Money?). Maybe they could present utensils kind of like the iron spit already in sport, tie it in to smithing. Hell, let's get BBQ or a correct grill going. It could be a good incentive to some really use. An equilibrium to it might be a burn chance. The food meals for pvp is balancing.

Nothing was said by me about new updates being bad. They've done really well with a lot of the new content that feels oldschool. Expansion is perhaps. What I dislike is Jagex using OSRS as an alternate timeline where they screwed up RS2's idea. I really don't think RuneScape game in its present state is similar to that, but things can change. They never anticipated OSRS becoming the"main game" and surveys similar to this one make me incredibly suspicious with exactly what they have been likely behind closed doors to the years ahead. I wish to have the ability to play with the Old School without worrying about the other RS3 fiasco that we've always known and loved. 1 day nobody will be able to play with RuneScape game ever. Sucks to consider.

I voted in this, I truly feel the polling in osrs should be taken off. Nobody person speaks for everybody and if people only vote to spite othrrs or in for self interest, we WILL NEVER get anything rewarding passed. This is why the devs have to only decide to create cont quest lines and quests. Skills that are new are wanted by me, I need RuneScape to grow. With the last skill polled, I really felt as though we had a shooter, it filled an area which has been lacking ( the ability to make cloth gear ), but id be willing to bet that most voted no because (her der no nehw sckillz for me!

Polling lets the neckbeards continue to deny fresh content into RuneScape game. Theymove it to tip or 'll finally lower the pass threshold. The quantity of returning and new mid-high lvl players that they get will easily off-balance the bank status minority they will shed for a month until they resub back again. RS3 is what occurs without user polling buy OSRS gold. The community picking what goes in RuneScape game means the playerbase needed something and RuneScape game won't be driven into the floor from aqful upgrades. One for all is the system you're currently proposing. Polling is the collective view of this userbase. It is everyone with a voice.